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Why on earth did we buy a 1976 GMC Palm Beach? We’ve been asking ourselves that since we got it, and we still aren’t sure. What we are sure of is it’s awesome and it’s a fantastic (if not overwhelming) project.

We own a Butcher Block Countertop company ( by day and like to tinker/build/renovate by night. I (Justin) have been building motorcycles for the past few years as a hobby and grew up with tools in my hands. Kathleen is learning as we go and so far there hasn’t been a thing she couldn’t master.

We didn’t need a Motorhome, hell we didn’t even know we wanted a motorhome. A good friend of mine and I were BSing around the table one day and started joking about him living in a camper, so I popped on the trusty Craigslist and started looking. When I happened across a GMC I stopped and at that moment the search was on. I had to have one. A few thousand miles and a few wasted trips later we came home with a 1976 Palm Beach in really good shape. New air bags, alcoas, nice seats, 52,000 Original Miles (documented, not 152,000 or 252,000 etc!). She needed a  a paint job, an interior remodel and that was going to be that.

Quick. Easy. Cheap. Fun.

Little did we know, quick easy and cheap were not part of the equation.