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The first image is where we started, classic interior in pretty good shape, a bit of rot here and there but mostly solid. We wanted a few things from the get go: A dry bath, a rear bedroom with a full size mattress and a bigger kitchen. To get all of these things that meant a full on gut job and full rebuild.

After tearing out the cabinets and the majority of the rest of it we ended up at the second photo.

Once we got to the bathroom we hit a bit of a snag. GMC’s were¬†assembled¬†at the factory with the back “hatch” not yet attached. What this meant for us is there’s no way in hell that bathroom module is fitting through the door. After quite a few attempts, a lot of swear words and some thinking we decided on the simplest solution. Beat it into piece with a sledge hammer and remove it that way. Hey, it worked.

Once that was out we did a good cleaning and this is where we really got into trouble. Being perfectionists we immediately noticed a few things.

The factory insulation is terrible.

The factory floor is buckled in places (meaning we can’t lay nice flooring over it)

We were in for a lot more work than we anticipated.